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bleach - summer matinee hero

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School was over, summer was here and Jinta was bored. Very bored. Ururu could tell, because when Jinta got bored, he saw it as a serious breakdown in the world's major duty to Bow Down Before Him And Keep Him Happy. And when that happened, he picked on her.

... Well, more than usual, anyway.

"Yah! Stop hitting me!" she wailed. "Why do I have to be Menos Grande? I can be the shinigami too!"

"Hah! You, a shinigami? You don't have what it takes!" he said, arms crossing.

"But... but I'm nothing like a Hollow too..." she pointed out.

He scowled. The fact that Ururu was right only seemed to make him even more irritated. "Stop arguing and just get on the chair! And stop jumping off!" he snapped.

Ururu clambered on the chair before he could hit her again. Tessai had gone to buy more supplies, and Manager had said something about taking a nap since business was so slow. This left Ururu with no one to stop Jinta - except maybe herself, but experience told her that arguing with Jinta never got her anywhere.

"Now stick your arms up! And look like you're going to attack me!" he directed.

Ururu thrust her arms out before her, looking more mournful than fierce. Jinta, she thought, looking down at his scowling face, really would make a much better Hollow - he'd hit her when she said that, though, so she didn't say it again.

"Rar," Menos Grande said with a distinct lack of enthusiasm as the shinigami took up position halfway across the yard.

The broom was brandished with a yell. "Prepare to meet your doom, Menos Grande!" Shinigami Jinta yelled.

Ururu watched him leap into the air with battle cry and remembered how the real Menos Grande had just batted away the shinigami boy when he tried to attack it. Unfortunately, she wasn't big enough to even think of doing that to Jinta.

The broom swept through the air, coming right at her with a speed that promised much pain if it made contact with her head...


And struck empty air as Menos Grande tumbled off the chair, arms wrapped around her head.

Jinta's triumphant battle cry stopped mid howl. "Not AGAIN! Stop doing that! That's the FIFTH TIME!" The broom waved wildly in her face. Ururu didn't care.

"I don't want to!" she wailed.

"Who's in charge her--"

A howl interrupted them. The two children looked up, startled, to see a Hollow storm towards the store, arms flailing as it lurched from side to side. Ururu blinked. Jinta blinked... and grinned.

"Guess I don't need you to be a lousy Hollow after all!" he said just as another figure came into view.

The children stared. It looked familiar... but even Don Kanonji's weekly telelvision appearances didn't include short skirts and rhinestone wands. It struck a pose before the Hollow.

"Stop! In the name of my Number 1 Disciple, Kurosaki Ichigo, I, Don Kanonji, will not let you harm these innocent children!" he announced with a flourish.

The Hollow paused to study the suited warrior of justice, grunted - then lurched forward with renewed vigour.

"I gave you fair warning!"

A ball of light of unimpressive size sparked in the palm of his hand. With a yell, he thrust it at the Hollow just as it opened huge, fanged jaws around his arm. He blinked.

Jinta's broom hit the Hollow with a crack and sent it flying back, where Ururu caught it before it went too far. Kanonji's small ball of light travelled slowly on, struck the Hollow face-on, and exploded with a bang.

The Hollow wailed and crumbled into dust as they watched. Silence.

"Hah!" Jinta folded his arms and smirked. Ururu looked as mournful as ever. That Hollow hadn't lasted very long. Jinta was going to be bored again in twenty minutes.

Don Kanonji pushed his dark glasses back to study the two of them. "Ah. The two of you can see the Bad Spirits too!"

Ururu watched Jinta puff his chest. "What, Hollows? I've always been able to see them!" he boasted.

Don Kanonji brightened. "Brilliant! Then the two of you can help me fight them! We will be the Karakura Super Heroes! In my Number 1 Disciple's absene, we will protect the world from the Bad Spirits that would harm the pure and innocent souls around us!" he proclaimed, rhinestone wand sparkling in the sunlight as he struck a pose.

Jinta looked interested. "Do I get to be the lead?"

"But of course!" Don Kanonji agreed. "And this young lady will be the supporting member!"

Jinta paused. "... Do we have to wear that costume you're wearing...?" he asked, suspicious.

"Why, would you like a costume too? I can always provide one, specially tailored with my own..."

"No! No costume!" Jinta backed away. "I'm not wearing that!"

"Are you sure? But I know a indigo silk that would go wonderfully with your hair, and..."


"Well, if you'd rather not, certainly. But perhaps I can arrange some sort of costume..."

"No!" Jinta looked like he was starting to regret ever mentioning costumes.

Ururu picked up his discarded broom and left them to argue matters out. She wasn't so sure the Manager would approve of this Hollow hunting thing, but if it kept Jinta distracted, it was fine by her.


December 2003