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shaman king - umbrella

For [ profile] faeryetale


Yoh was halfway to the store when it started to rain.

It barely deigned to announce its coming with a drizzle before the clouds emptied themselves with a roar, splashing into puddles on the pavement, shrouding the world in grey damp. It trickled through the scant shelter of the tree Yoh stood under to drip fat, heavy drops on his head and down his neck.

He stared at the rain, glum, and wondered why it couldn't have waited just those twenty minutes it would have taken for him to get to the store, get stuff for dinner, and get home. Hunching his shoulders against the cold, while he rubbed at the back of his neck, he sighed.

It didn't look like it was going to stop anytime soon - he supposed he could wait for it to stop, or grow lighter, but then dinner would be late and Anna would probably make him run ten rounds around the neighbourhood in penance. Or he could walk in the rain, get soaked, freeze in the supermarket's air conditioning, then walk back...

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, so to speak, he shoved his hands in his pockets to watch the weather some more. Maybe it'd clear. Maybe it'd start raining cats and dogs instead of water. Right. Maybe.

The minutes ticked slowly past and Yoh grew steadily wetter, colder, and more resigned to his doom. He was soaked anyway - he might as well get this over with and save himself Anna's irritation.

Stepping out into the downpour's full force, the rain plastered his hair flat on his head. Pushing the heavy, wet strands out of his eyes, he started walking, the reluctant trudge of someone who just wanted to turn around and go home...

Something hit the back of his head with a loud, painful thud. Yoh yelped, stumbled, and nearly fell face first into the street. Turned to face his attacker and stopped, mouth falling open.

Anna, dressed in the bright yellow raincoat he'd last seen her wear during his fight with Faust, stalked down the street towards him. She nodded at the puddle at his feet.

"Well? Pick it up." She ordered.

Obedient as always, he bent to pick it up before he even thought to look at whatever it was she'd thrown at him. He blinked, even as his hands unfolded and opened the umbrella before his startled mind could interfere in the process.

"An... umbrella?"

"It's raining." She pointed out, irritated, as if he had yet to notice the fact. "And don't just stand there - you're wet."

"Ah..." Sheepish, he swung it over his head. "You brought an umbrella for me?" He asked, brain still trying to register the thought of Anna. Coming out in the RAIN. To bring him an umbrella.

"The rain was heavy." She snapped, stepping under the shelter of the umbrella, beside him. "Now, come on." They set off for the supermarket together.

"... I could have walked in the rain..." Yoh pointed out. "I'm wet anyway."

"You'll get sick." She gave him a sharp look. "I'm not letting you off training if you get the flu." She warned.

"Ahaha..." Well of course.

They walked on in silence. Her hand brushed his, then caught it with firm fingers. His hair was dripping, and his T-shirt was still wet, and the air was still chilly, but under the umbrella with her, Yoh didn't notice.


December 2003