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bleach - snowman

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Ichigo's window sill was covered with a thick layer of powdery white. From the floor, Kon watched the boy shove the window open to sweep it off the sill, muttering about the damn weather and why'd it start snowing so fast.

"Snow?" he asked, curious.

"Yeah, snow... what, you've never seen snow before?"

Considering that Kon hadn't been around all that long, and had only been in the world of the living for a little over six months so far, he hadn't.

"It's like... eh, rain, only white. And colder. Way colder. Nothing special," he shrugged, before pulling on a coat and heading out for school.

Left to his own devices and far from satisfied with Ichigo's explanation, or lack thereof, Kon climbed onto Ichigo's bed, pulled himself up onto the sill. Day after day spent locked in Ichigo's very boring room had left Kon quite the expert in getting about despite his size.

Standing on the sill, he looked out at the world below. A blanket of white covered the street, frosted the trees. It looked quite pretty, Kon thought. It figured Ichigo would say it was 'nothing special'.

And come to think of it, Kon didn't see why he shouldn't go out and take a look for himself. He'd seen a few girls walk by, throwing balls of the white stuff at each other and laughing. Maybe there'd be chicks out in this weather, all ready for the warmth a cute plushie like Kon would bring into their lives!

Heaving the window up enough to let himself out of the room, he dropped into the snow drift below. Being a stuffed toy had its advantages - he didn't have to worry about breaking anything or freezing to death. Though hell, it WAS cold - maybe that was why Ichigo had been so grumpy about it.

Then again, it wasn't like the jerk ever needed an excuse to be grumpy. Digging himself out of the snow, Kon set off to enjoy his freedom.

Flakes of white were still falling slowly, gently, all around him. The street was empty - children in school, grown ups at work, anyone else none too interested in risking the cold. Ah, sweet, sweet freedom. Kon would have whistled, if he'd had lips to whistle with.

Nearing the park two streets away from the Kurosaki clinic, Kon slowed and came to a stop. Something large and white stood on the sidewalk. It looked like it was made up of balls of snow piled up on each other, though why anyone would bother, Kon couldn't imagine. Maybe it was a spirit of some sort, he thought, but he couldn't sense anything from it...

The stuffed lion inched closer. It didn't move. Circling the mysterious thing till he stood in front of it, he saw that someone had picked out a face on the top ball of snow. Two stones for eyes, a stick for a nose and a neat line of stones for a smiling mouth.

Ah. It was supposed to be a person made of snow! Arms akimbo, he stood before it, triumphant at having solved the mystery. He still couldn't imagine why anyone would want to make a person out of snow, but children, from Kon's limited experience, seemed to like doing strange things (like gluing felt flowers onto perfectly innocent plushies who'd only been minding their own business!).

The question settled, he turned away to continue on his Quest For Cute Chicks. He marched down half the street, lost in a dream of running into Inoue-san, before he realised--

He could hear something behind him.

Kon stopped. The shuffling, grinding sound, as if something heavy was being dragged across the pavement, stopped. Maybe it'd just been his imagination, he told himself, and took a long (as long as his very short legs could stretch anyway) step.


If Kon had had veins to speak of, his blood would have frozen itself solid with terror. He turned to peek over his shoulder.

Nothing. The street was empty. Except for the snowman, but that didn't really count, it - it looked a whole lot closer than it should be. He'd left it behind in front of the park, right? It should be half a street away by now! Not this... close...

Kon stared at it. It didn't move. Kon turned around, took a deliberate step, then spun to catch it in the act.

It still hadn't moved.

Maybe there was someone hiding behind the snowman? He could always turn back, take a goooood looooong look to be sure. But instinct told him to stay far away from it. Faaaar awaaaaay. In fact, now would be a mighty good time to run away screaming! the voice in his head suggested.

Kon stood his ground. He was a lion among men! He wasn't letting some oversized pile of snow scare him! Turning his back on it with a humph, he resumed marching, and if he was a little less cheerful about it, and marched rather faster than he had before, well, turning his back on that thing took nerve!



Kon spun around and found the snowman staring at him. It'd been facing the road before; now, by means Kon was in no mood to wonder about, it'd turned around and was now staring at him - and surely it hadn't been smiling that widely before?

Eternity seemed to pass as Kon stared, mesmerised, into the black stone eyes. The Thing seemed to grin - he could have sworn he saw the stones moving slowly, slowly, across the blank expanse of the white face...

Kon was a lion among men, but he knew when he was out of his league.


Ichigo came home from school to find a soggy stuffed lion curled in a trembling heap under his bed. He'd barely shut the door behind him before Kon threw himself at the boy, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Ichigo!!! You're back!!!"

"Yargh! You're freezing! Why the hell are you so wet? Don't touch me, idiot!"

"I'm so sorry for misunderstanding you! I'll never do it again! I didn't realise that snow could be so awful! I promise I'll never sneak out again!"

Holding Kon at an arm's length, Ichigo stared at the sobbing plushie. Eh? What the hell was the idiot talking about now? Sure, he'd been a little grumpy about the weather this morning, but it wasn't that bad.

Some kids had even made a snowman outside the clinic - his dad was yelling about dressing it up in old clothes, never mind that the thing took up half the street and was planted right smack in front of the clinic doors...


December 2003