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bleach - advantage

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Sitting in the shelter of the rickety old house, back propped against the wall, Renji scowled. His empty stomach echoed at him, then shifted to twinge uneasily - he ignored it.

Not after it'd gotten him into trouble in the first place.

The boy didn't even look up when someone shoved the door open to peer in. Footsteps crossed the room and then Rukia settled down on the ground beside him.

"I told you the food had gone bad, didn't I?" she pointed out.

"Shut up." He didn't need her to tell him that again, not after he'd spent half the afternoon doubled over cursing the world in general and his stomach in particular. It wasn't like he hadn't eaten weird stuff before, how was he to know... "I was hungry, okay?"

"Huh," the small girl snorted, then gave him a thoughtful look.

He eyed her sudden interest with suspicion. "What?"

Before he could back safely out of reach or even figure out what he was doing - she suddenly leaned over, nimble fingers reaching to yank at his hair. "Ow! What d'you think you're--"

The string that kept his hair up came loose in her hands and he felt his hair fall to brush the back of his neck, almost at his shoulders. Rukia stared. "Wow. I didn't know your hair was that long."

"What did you do that for?" he snapped, exasperated. "And give that back!"

"I just wanted to see what you looked like with your hair down," she said, staying just out of his reach. "It's even longer than mine," she grinned.

"Feh, so what? It's not like I've got anyone to cut it for me, right? And give that back."

She ignored his glare, turning to shove something across the dirt floor to him. Renji stopped and stared. A... pot? A trickle of warm air steamed out from under the cover. "What's this? Where did you get it from? What..."

"It's soup," Rukia said breezily. "Drink it, it's still hot. Maybe it'll make your stomach feel better."

"What?! But where did you get..."

"We grabbed old Kujiwara's dinner while his wife was out gossiping with a neighbour. That'll teach him to leave rotten food lying around his stall for us," she explained calmly.

"Oh." He stared at the pot and almost, sort of, felt slightly better. "... Thanks."

"It's nothing. Don't just stare at it, it'll get cold," she said, standing up and looking down at him with the same ominously thoughtful stare she'd been giving him minutes ago. "You know, I bet I could braid your hair..."

Renji glowered. "Don't even think about it! Just because I'm sick doesn't mean I'm going to let you play with my hair, dammit!"

"Oh, but you'd look so cute -"

"Get away from me!"


August 2003