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card captor sakura - invitation

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She told Sakura she had some work left to finish and to go home first. When Sakura offered to wait for her, she shook her head and said she'd be fine - and look, Syaoran was waiting to walk her home. She shouldn't keep him waiting. Tomoyo would be fine.

So now she stands at the classroom windows overlooking the school entrance, and watches as a girl and boy walk to the gates. The girl says something, the boy smiles in answer - she cannot see the smile, but she knows it is there. Unthinkingly, Sakura takes Syaoran's hand...

Above them, the cherry trees are blooming.

"Daijoudi?" She turns and Eriol crosses the classroom to join her at the windows. "Why are you... Ah." He has seen them too.

For a moment, he is silent, then he smiles and looks at her. "They make a lovely picture, don't they? It's a pity you don't have your camera with you."

She smiles back. "It's alright. Things like this, you never really forget."

"That's true." He admits, and returns to watching Sakura and Syaoran.

And Tomoyo wonders if she imagined the shadow in his eyes.

But she has always been good at watching people. Sometimes, because she sees the things others don't see - but more often because she sees the things everyone sees and actually understands what it could mean.

She saw how he looked at Kaho-sensei. She saw how he looked when he came back, when he thought no one was watching. But Tomoyo is good at watching; she saw. And now she sees this.

He turns and catches her eye. She almost looks away, but doesn't, and the moment stretches, long and awkward.

It is Eriol who breaks the sudden quiet in the empty classroom. "It's not always a good thing, is it?"

She doesn't want to say it, but she cannot bring herself to lie to those eyes. "... No. It isn't."

Strange, how this is the closest they've ever come to speaking the truth to anyone. Strange, how there are still so many things they will not say out loud, even to themselves...

"May I walk you home?" He asks, all polite charm - a way out of the dangerous ground they seem to have wandered into without even meaning to.

"Thank you very much, but..." She pauses, then continues carefully, "But there's a new ice cream parlour Sakura told me about that I was thinking of trying. Would you like to join me?"

Eriol blinks and stares at her. Tomoyo wonders if she has made a mistake, but it is too late to take the invitation back and - perhaps she doesn't want to. Then, very slightly, he smiles.

"Thank you. That sounds lovely."


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