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inuyasha - remember

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He remembers a lot of things, he tells himself.

Fleeting glimpses of Kanna gliding silently down dark halls. Kagura's sharp words and the even sharper flick of her fan. The feel of his sickle in his hand, whipping surely through the air, movements he barely has to think about.

But he can't remember who taught him this, who guided him carefully through the motions till they became second nature...

Where are they now?

He remembers Naraku too well - the iron grip of Naraku's fingers on his chin, forcing his head back, the demon's cold smile, the weight that suffocates him whenever Kohaku is in his presence.

Fear. Loathing.

Who is Naraku, really? Why can't Kohaku remember how he came here?

He remembers the stink of blood, sharp and metallic, filling his senses, choking him.

But everything beyond it is a blur, the blood a mist filling his mind, drowning him when he tries to reach for the past. He has forgotten something very important...

He remembers Naraku asking, all smooth malice, do you want to remember?


It hurts too much, NO NO makeitstop...

But he can't forget her face. Even through the mist, he sees it clearly, the girl whose name he doesn't know, doesn't remember, the girl who looks at him with heartbroken eyes.

It hurt her, that he didn't know who she was. He doesn't want her to be hurt anymore...

Kohaku has forgotten something important.

He doesn't want to remember. But he doesn't want to hurt anyone, and he knows, terribly, that he is hurting people, so many of them...

Sooner or later, Kohaku has to choose to remember.


September 2003