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shaman king - valentine

For Anze


If you thought about it, soap operas were quite educational, really. Though maybe that depended on what you needed to be educated about. How To Be A Complete Twit 101, for example, Anna usually thought.

But then again, Anna might not have learned about Valentine's Day otherwise.

And now that it had been brought to her disinterested attention, the television was determinedly making sure she did not forget about it.

Tokyo Love's Valentine Special! Will Anna Be Able to Tell Hiro Her True Feelings?!

... And as if seeing her own name in that sentence hadn't been insult enough, bright pink hearts festoned the flashing words as bubbles rained down around them.

Chin propped in hand, she watched impassively as "Anna" attempted to
1) make chocolate (in the most incompetent way imaginable)
2) give said chocolate to "Hiro" (again, imcompetently. Hiding under a desk not only looked silly, it quite oviously did not get the chocolate to its intended target)
3) run away crying for no reason that Anna could see (if someone had given Yoh chocolate, Anna would have commended them on having very discerning good taste. And then maybe made it very clear why their discerning good taste stopped there and looked somewhere else).
And the list went on. Really, Anna didn't see what the fuss was about.

Wisely, the show cut into the commercial break just then. So Anna found herself watching gushing advertisements about chocolates, flowers, chocolates, more flowers, and teddy bears instead.

Love was in the air, indeed. Nothing else was going to explain the sudden urge to pay for overpriced flowers and chocolate that was supposed to strike girls everywhere, never mind that half the recipients of these gifts probably wouldn't know what to do with them.

Of course, Anna was above all that. Not to mention, she was fairly certain that Yoh didn't even realise what Valentine's Day was, never mind White Day. With a final glare at the telelvision set (it played tinkling music back at her), she changed the channel five more times then finally turned it off.

"Yoh. Get dressed."

Yoh looked up, surprised, to find Anna standing in the door. "What?"

She looked pointedly at his shirt and raised an eyebrow. "I'm not going to a restaurant with you looking like that."


"I made reservations at the Hisatomo for 7. Now get dressed." She said, tapping an impatient foot.

"... We're going out for dinner?" It wasn't Yoh's fault Anna never explained what she was talking about before she started talking.

Her dark eyes narrowed irritably... he scrambled to his feet hastily. "Okay, okay! But why..." He suddenly remembered that someone had given Manta chocolate at school today.

The small boy had looked deeply embarassed even though no one was looking and muttered something about "sympathy chocolate" and "didn't have to just because I helped her with her Math". And then he'd been duly horrified when Yoh didn't seem to know what "Valentine" was.

"... Ah?" He stopped, then turned to blink at Anna.

"You're paying for it too." Anna added as she turned on her heel. "Now hurry up before they give our table away."

... Well. At least it was a nice change from cooking, or eating Ryu's or Manta's, or whoever-it-was-Anna-had-intimidateded-into-the-kitchen's cooking...


August 2003