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shaman king - photo

For [ profile] milchstrasse


Manta took a photo of them once.

He'd brought a camera with him to the onsen, one day during that long month before they left for the Shaman Fight. So that he'd have something to remember everyone by, even when they were gone, he'd explained.

Yoh had blinked and shrugged, while Anna raised an eyebrow and sniffed, and he ended up, thanks to Ryu and Horohoro, using almost nine rolls of film, enough to fill a small mountain of albums. Flipping through them while he wondered how he'd managed to take so many photos of Horohoro making faces into the camera, he stopped.

The picture wasn't much really, just the two of them sitting in the darkness of the front porch, Yoh grinning sheepishly while Anna glowered at him about something.

Warily, half wondering if he'd get glared at by Anna, he gave it to Yoh, who'd looked surprised and then smiled slightly and said thank you. Manta didn't know what he was going to do with it, but then, he didn't know why he'd given it to him either.

Still, he wasn't quite surprised, visiting the too-quiet onsen a few days after Yoh and Horohoro and Ryu had left for the Shaman Fight, to find it sitting on the television set in a plain silver frame.

Small things to remember them by.


August 2003