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kuroko no basket - deferment

The team visits Kiyoshi in the hospital after they lose in the Tokyo finals.

Three straight defeats. Riko texts him the scores and the numbers, yeah, they’re pretty bad. The team‘s crushed. They try their best to hide it, but the veneer of optimism crackles over sudden drops in conversation, awkward smiles. Kiyoshi doesn’t blame them, and they’re putting on a good front for him.

In a midst of a lull, he says, “Hey, Hyuuga, what was that you said when the teachers busted us on the roof? If we didn’t make nationals?”

Hyyuuga scowls. “What?”

“Didn’t you say something about confessing naked to the girl you like?”

Hyuuga twitches and the entire team stares at the both of them.

“I forgot about that,” Izuki says, horrified.

“Hey, does it count if only Hyuuga said it? Do you think Coach will really make all of us do it?!” Koganei asks.

“This is Riko, of course she will!”

“But what if we don’t have anyone we like? Who do we confess to then?” Kiyoshi asks in all seriousness.

“That’s not the problem here!”

“Ah? Hyuuga, you already have someone in mind?” Kiyoshi says.

Hyuuga splutters as four pairs of eyes swivel to fix on him with interest.

“Wait what how - no, okay, no! It was just a stupid idea! I wasn’t thinking!”

“Really, Hyuuga?” Izuki says. “No one in mind at all? Not even... ”

“NO, NOT EVEN RIKO,” Hyuuga roars, sealing his fate at top volume.

“Coach, huh?”

“We didn’t mention Riko,” Kiyoshi points out thoughtfully. “But she’s a great person, it’s a good choice,” he says in encouraging tones.

“Oh my god you asshole,” Hyuuga says. Mitobe grabs him before he can lunge - which proves Kiyoshi’s point, right? They’re all a lot faster than they used to be, they’ve come really far in just six months with Riko’s coaching! Though Hyuuga probably isn’t thinking about the coaching, haha.

The nurse on duty looks into the room just then and shakes her head at the scene. “Boys, I know you’re in a good mood but this is a hospital. If you can’t keep it down I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” she says. Izuki has to make soothing noises until she’s mollified enough to let them stay, and Mitobe doesn’t let go of Hyuuga till she’s gone.

The rest of the team snickers unhelpfully while their captain seethes.

“So we know Hyuuga’s all set but where does that leave us?” Koganei says, blithely ignoring the muttered threat about “picking up balls for the rest of the year” behind him.

“All set for what?”

Like a herd of deer caught in the headlights of an incoming cement mixer, the team freezes and Hyuuga’s face turns an impressive shade of crimson.

Riko stands in the door and beams the smile of a judge of divine retribution descended upon them.

“I was wondering where everyone was,” she says. “What a coincidence, huh?”

“C-coach! Ahaha, didn’t Hyuuga tell you we were coming? We um, thought we should just check how Kiyoshi was! And uh, break the... news...and stuff...”

She drops a stack of DVDs on Kiyoshi’s side table and hands him a pink plastic bag of dorayaki, so fresh that they’re still warm in their white paper wrappers. “From that stall near the school you like,” she says.

Hyuuga has barely wrestled his face back into a semblance of normality when she looks at him. “So what was that about being all set?”

“Nothing!” he says. “Nothing at all. Training and - and stuff. You didn’t tell me you were dropping by.”

“I wasn’t sure I had time but Ayano offered to help with the accounts,” she said, and looks at the team, long and searching. They squirm under her stare.

“What are you looking at us like that for?” Hyuuga asks suspiciously for all of them.

“Hm? No reason,” she says with a deeply un-reassuring smile.

Koganei sighs. “Ah man, back to training again tomorrow. Do we really have to?”

Hyuuga jabs an elbow in his side. “Don’t complain, do you want to double it?”

“No! No way. Haha, what was I saying, training is the best, right, guys? The best.”

Riko gives them a knowing look but seems to decide to let Koganei off for once. Or maybe not, because she says, “Think of it as extra preparation for your rooftop promise. After all, you’ll want to show your best side to the girl you like, right?”

“Nooooo!” “Shit! I knew it!” “Coooooach!”

“After all, a man’s promise has to be kept,” Riko continues. “I’m sure the whole school is expecting it!”

While the team enacts a tragedy in five acts, Kiyoshi chews his way through his dorayaki, and says, “Ah, no help for it, I guess it has to be the principal.”

“Eh? What?”

“There’s no one I really like in school right now,” he says, scratching his cheek thoughtfully. “So since I have to confess to someone... the principal seems to be the best choice!”

“What?! What kind of reason is that?!”

“Is this some kind of joke?” Hyuuga demands, jabbing a finger in his face “You’ll get expelled! The whole club will be disbanded! And you can’t even leave the hospital!”

The whole team realises this point and sags in relief. Kiyoshi can hardly confess naked to anyone, much less their terrifying, grandmotherly principal, if he’s not even allowed to leave his bed.

Riko bites back a giggle. Then she gives up and doubles over, laughing so hard she pounds a fist on the bed and the team starts to look vaguely worried.

“We’re being serious, you know,” Hyuuga grumbles at her while she wheezes.

She gives one last giggle and wipes a tear from the corner of her eye. “I know,” she says. “But I guess Teppei is going to have some trouble confessing to anyone in hospital, huh? We don’t want him upsetting the nurses.” She straightens. “Since Teppei’s injured, I’ll give you guys a one year extension. But we’re all going to the Nationals together next year, so it’s number one in Japan, no more excuses! Got it?”

Tsuchida lets out a small cheer before Izuki and Hyuuga manage to gag him. But it’s too late - the nurse, who might have been lurking outside waiting for the infraction, reappears and makes it clear that the team has outstayed their welcome. Riko is allowed to remain on account of being a recent arrival but the others are firmly shooed out, waving their goodbyes over their shoulders.

Riko takes the chair recently occupied by Izuki next to the bed and Kiyoshi offers her the last dorayaki. She shakes her head and says, “They look better than I expected.”

He looks at her. “Hm?”

“Everyone’s been really down since the last match. To be honest, I was pretty worried,” she says. “But it looks like they’ve cheered up.”

“Haaa, is that so?”

She gives him a stern look. “Those are the DVDs of the last 3 matches. Let me know what you think when you’ve had time to watch them. There’s no time to go easy, if we’re going to be ready for next year.”

No one - not Riko, not the team - has said anything about Kiyoshi’s extended stay in the hospital. They don’t ask, so Kiyoshi doesn’t tell, and Hyuuga talks about next year like it’s just around the corner, already breathing down their necks.

“We’ll be waiting,” she says. “So don’t go slacking off.”


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