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kuroko no basket - inquisition

For [ profile] tormalyne


When Aomine suggested that Kise introduce his sisters to him, he really hadn’t expected Kise to get his revenge by doing it.

On the one hand, Kise’s sisters were seriously hot. They weren’t as stacked as Mai-chan, sure, but Mai-chan was Aomine’s one true love, and as far as runners-up went, they had amazing figures. Aomine had zero complaints there.

On the other hand, he really didn’t like the way they were smiling at him. They were making self-preservation instincts Aomine’s hindbrain hadn’t even known it had worry.

One sister took the left armchair. The other sister took the right. Aomine, who had made the mistake of taking the couch, sat surrounded by stunning visions of feminine perfection on both sides and tried not to sweat.

“So you’re Ryouta’s Aominecchi. He’s told us so much about you,” Kise’s oldest sister - what had she said to call her again? Reina-neesan? said as she twirled a blond curl around a finger.

The other sister, Rinko-neesan, cocked her head to the side and, after a long, critical moment, said, “Hmm. I suppose he’s not too bad looking. A bit rough-looking though, don’t you think?”

“You can’t just judge by appearances, Rinko. I’m sure he’s really a very nice boy, hm? A little polish around the edges and he won’t be a problem at all.”

Aomine, pinned by that sweet, demure smile, didn’t ask what she meant by polish. Or what she meant by... problem.

“Ryouta says you’re the one who got him into basketball,” Rinko-neesan continued. Aomine nodded mutely.

“It was such a surprise at the time, but I think basketball really was the best thing to happen to him,” Reina-neesan said. “It’s given him a much more masculine aura. That’s very valuable when the younger models start to get older.”

“It distracts him from the modelling though. His manager was just complaining to me the other day that Kise turns down anything that clashes with his practices and that basically means he can’t schedule any shoots at all.”

“It’s not a bad thing to be a little selective,” Reina mused. “And at least it shows he can get serious about something when he wants to. Mother was starting to worry, you know.”

Rinko-neesan turned her attention back to Aomine, crossed one long, long leg over the other and said, “So, Aominecchi, what do you think of my little brother?” Her smile had intent. Aomine considered vaulting backwards off the couch just to escape. But Kise would probably laugh at him forever and tell everyone and then he’d never live this down.

“Uh,” he said, because the first answers that came to mind: he’s dumb, he’s annoying, he doesn’t know how to quit, but his basketball’s not shit - probably weren’t what they were looking for. “He’s-okay-I-guess?” he croaked when the pause dragged on and it became clear they expected an actual answer.

“Just... okay?” Reina-neesan said with doe-like eyes, her mouth a prim moue of disappointment.

“Neesan, are the two of you bullying Aominecchi?” Kise drawled from behind Aomine, his entrance so silent Aomine nearly fell off the couch. “Don’t scare him away!”

He pressed one hand on the back of the couch, the other expertly balancing a tray covered in glasses of juice, and leaned over to offer the drinks to first his sisters, then Aomine.

“Who, us?” Rinko-neesan said and fluttered her lashes with shameless insincerity as she took her glass. “We were just being friendly."

“It’s your own fault for taking so long to come back,” Reina-neesan told him. “But we won’t intrude any further.” She stood and bent over Aomine while he froze in surprise. A slender, manicured hand took him by the chin, and she leaned in to murmur, “Take good care of my little brother for me, hmm?”

“We wish you nothing but the best of luck, Aominecchi,” Rinko-neesan said.

Then with one last set of matching smiles, the two girls swept from the living room and back up the stairs, leaving Aomine and Kise alone. A minute later, a distant whoop of unladylike laughter drifted into their hearing.

Aomine finally remembered to snap his mouth shut.

“I think my sisters like you,” Kise said from where he was still standing with one hip propped against the couch, smirking like an asshole down at him. “Isn’t that nice?”

“Fuck you,” Aomine said with heartfelt disgust. “What the hell took you so long?”

“But I thought you’d appreciate some time to get to know them~” Kise said and widened his eyes in a perfect replica of his sister’s doe-eyed look. Fortunately, it didn’t work on Aomine when he did it.

“‘Masculine aura’ my ass,” Aomine said and drained his glass of juice. “Have they actually looked at you? You use fancier shampoo than Satsuki.”

Kise slung himself into the seat beside him. “You don’t know idol models, Aominecchi. Anyway, they just like to tease. I’m sure they’ll play nice now.”

Yeah, like he was going to believe that. Kise took in his look of blatant disbelief and added, “Don’t be such a wimp. You haven’t seen what they’re like when they really don’t like you.”

“Who’re you calling a wimp?” Aomine muttered. “It’s not like I was scared or anything.”

“Oh? You didn’t exactly look like you were enjoying yourself though.” Kise leaned in, his grin sharp and knowing, his eyes dancing and absolutely sure.

“Guess that means I get to keep you then,” he said in Aomine’s ear, right before he went in for the kiss.


October 2014

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