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kuroko no basket - bloodlines

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Taiga gripped the railing that ran around the upper gallery of the examination hall and glared at the scene below. This had to be someone’s idea of a sick joke, right? Since when did they match teammates up against each other in the chunnin fights like this?

Down in the arena, Kuroko stood, as calm and unmoved as always. One part of Kagami wanted to yell at him to forfeit the match. There was no way he could win this, or get through it in one piece. But Kagami knew what he’d do if he was in Kuroko’s place, and he knew Kuroko.

He wasn’t going to back down, not with that bastard Akashi standing at the other end of the arena.

Akashi said, his white eyes opaque and unreadable, “You know there is no way you can win this, Tetsuya. Are you truly prepared to stand against a teammate and a member of the clan?”

Kuroko said, “The fact that I am standing here should be answer enough, Akashi-sama.”

Then Kuroko - who never took off his forehead protector in public, who wore his bangs so long most of the time you couldn’t even see his eyes - reached up and pushed his forehead protector back so it lifted his hair from his face, to reveal the cursed seal carved on his temple.

An audible gasp resounded from the watchers in the upper gallery.

“The rest is for you to decide, is it not?” Kuroko, ignored and forgotten branch member of a bloodline clan born with no bloodline, said to his cousin. To his family’s prodigy heir. If Akashi wanted to stop the fight, he could stop it right now. He could win it right now, with a single lift of a finger.

Akashi smiled the smile that always made the hairs at the back of Kagami’s neck rise. His Byukugan was already awakened, his answer unmistakable.

“Very well, Tetsuya. We fight.”


October 2015