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kuroko no basket - 3.07am, los angeles

Less than six months into Los Angeles, her streets and avenues and bypasses are still unfamiliar to Aomine’s eye, menacing in their alienation and street signs that he can only half-read. It’s 3am in the fucking morning, he has no idea where he is, and even he knows these aren’t smart things to be in the city of so-called angels.

Jon is still puking his guts into the gutter in front of a dry-cleaner’s. He ran out of actual things to puke a while back and moved on to dry heaving and bile. He can’t seem to stop shaking. Aomine has seen the guy drunk before but this looks, even to him, pretty bad. He stares at the hideous technicolor suits in the shopfront on the other side of the street, mentally calculates the time difference and then sits down on the curb, gets out his phone, and sends a message.

oi how do you tell if someone has alcohol poisoning

Midorima’s reply comes faster than he expected.


not me idiot my teammate won’t stop puking

The next reply takes a little longer: Just because I am a second year medical student does not make me an expert in medical emergencies happening halfway across the world.

Aomine rolls his eyes.

The next message finally gets to the point: Is he conscious? Is he having seizures? If sleeping wake him. Check temperature and heartbeat and breathing if they’re irregular get him to the hospital.

Aomine gets up and prods Jon in the side. Jon groans in answer. Aomine kneels beside him and checks his pulse. It flutters, quick but steady under his thumb, and to Aomine’s unprofessional eye he looks like he’s breathing normally.

he’s awake pulse and breathing normal just stopped throwing up

He should recover. Make him re-hydrate.

Well, he would if he had any idea how to get them back. Aomine wanders down the street and glares at the signs on the corner. Then he scrolls through the numbers in his phone, most of them not actually keyed in by him. It would serve Jon right if he called their coach to save their asses, but even Aomine is, in his way, occasionally capable of kindness. It explains why he let himself be dragged out here in the first place.

He calls Alex. By this point it’s too late to hope Kagami never finds out that Alex’s phone number was the most useful thing anyone in Japan gave him when he left. They’ll owe her, but Jon and the boy problems he was stupid enough to try and drink away got them into this, so Jon can deal.

She picks up on the third ring. “Daiki!” Yeah, still wide awake, some kind of music playing in the background, he’s not even surprised. “You’re up late, what’s up?”

“Yo,” he says. “Need a lift, my teammate’s a moron.”

He can hear her grin even over the line. “Being the responsible one huh? Taiga’ll be so proud. Where are you kids? I’ll be right over.”


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