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naruto - realisation

For [ profile] anime_babble

Naruto splashes out of the water, swearing, to the sound of rather more laughter than he wants to hear when he's just been pushed, into a river, by his treacherous friends. "I'M GONNA GET YOU ALL!" he yells and shakes a wet fist, and nearly hits Hinata, who's somehow knee deep in the water too. "Ah! Hinata! Sorry 'bout that!" he says and then blinks and she turns red and now she nearly slips and falls into the water.

"Oh! Um, are you okay? I was just a little worried and um, you're very wet, you're going to catch a cold," she says.

He grins at her. "Nah, I'll be fine. Once I GET THOSE BASTARDS I'M NOT FORGETTING THIS YOU HEAR ME!" he roars after their retreating backs. "Now you're wet too," he says, looking up at her and she jumps and turns even redder.

"I - I'm okay!" she mumbles, flustered.

Naruto flails and tries to stand, but the mud keeps sliding under his feet and now Hinata's getting wet too from his splashing. Then she offers him a shaky hand and pulls him up. For a minute, Naruto tries to calculate how long it'll take him to catch everyone and make them pay, but then Hinata starts giggling, quietly, and he looks at her.

"Hinata," he decides, "you're really nice, you know that? Really nice! I think I like you best after all." She jumps at that.

"Ah? Ah - ah - Na - Naruto - you're, um--"

He grabs her hand. "Come on!" he says. " Now let's go get them!"


April 2006

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