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bleach - razors

"Oh," Rukia says, her voice keen and cheerful with contempt. "Is that the problem?"

And then before Ichigo can even think is what? she grips him by the collar of his shirt, and yanks him down (he always, always forgets she's so much stronger than she looks).

Then she kisses him.


"There," she says with that infuriating calm, releasing him.

He gasps. Blinks. Splutters. Howls. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR?"

"Do all mortals react to matters of the flesh with such embarrassment?" she inquires, studying his reaction with a curious eye. "Or is it just you? Orihime seemed to find it quite enlightening!"


"There are only so many ways one can deal with physical attraction. Denial is not one of them, much as you seem to think it is."

"You want to talk DENIAL?" he snarls, glaring at her.

"If it interferes with your work efficiency, it needs to be dealt wi-"

This is about the time he grabs her by the shoulder and kisses her back. Angrily, and roughly, because he doesn't know any other way. He feels her smile against his mouth, and then he's free again (funny, how holding on seems to damn hard).

She smiles up at him, sharp and mocking and dangerous. She still hasn't let go of his shirt.

"You have a lot left to learn, boy," she says.

Ichigo has a bad, bad feeling about this.


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XDDDD Much love for Ichigo's outrage and indignation alongside Rukia's practicality.