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naruto - mythology

For the [ profile] 31_days theme: Who would take us to be women?

This is the first thing they tell them in the Academy: the kunoichi's art is a subtle one.

Legends are made by men, they say, out on the battlefields. There will be women on those fields as well, whether as healers or whores or fighters in their own right, but theirs are not the names that will be written in history's books, theirs are not the hands that will cleave the land around them and remake it, for better or worse.

A woman's place is harder to pin down, to define. A throat cut in the dark, an ear in the right place, a painted smile to hide bloody teeth - the Anbu's mask is nothing compared to the masks they will learn to fashion and discard at will, their teachers tell them.

Tenten remembers the day she first heard the story of the Sannin - of Tsunade. There were pictures in their history books: two men and a woman, larger and more terrible and beautiful than the monsters surrounding them. They were rough caricatures, at best, but she still remembers stopping, staring, running a wondering finger over the woman's pale face.

"Tsunade was a woman," she remembers saying.

The teacher stopped mid-lecture. "Did you have a question?"

"No. Nothing!"

She brought the book home and read the chapter on the sannin three times before bed.

Even kunoichi can be legends, she thinks before she falls alseep.


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