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naruto - cloud reading

For [ profile] cynic_in_charge

He doesn't believe in her cards. He finds them illogical, so he calls them troublesome, like he calls everything else. Instead, he lies on his back and watches the clouds.

What does he see in them? she asks.

He doesn't answer at first - maybe that is too troublesome too. Then he shifts and lifts an arm to point at a small wisp of white, lonely against the blue.


She squints and doesn't see it.

A two-handed sabre, she suggests, studying the sweeping curve of its tail.

He snorts. Is that all you ever think of? Duckling, he repeats, then lets his arm fall, like he doesn't care anyway.

How is that logical? she asks, teasing.

It's not, he shrugs.

She thinks of a different boy, with long black hair like water. His answers are absolute, his fate set (even if he is slowly learning to break free of it).

Shikamaru slips through her fingers, with his tricky mind and his lazy answers. But at the end of the day, he's there anyway. Probably found it too troublesome to move or find someone else, Tenten thinks, but the thought doesn't bother her.

He is here, after all, of his own choosing.

Shikamaru watches the clouds and makes his own fate.


June 2005