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inuyasha - child

For [ profile] canis_m


Rin is small and weak and noisy. She smells of many things; sweat and dirt and rain and river water, leaves and the crushed grass beneath her feet and sometimes even flowers. She smells human, of blood and spit and flesh and bone and piss, and Jaken seems to consider her a constant offence to his sensibilities.

She smells weak and frail and mortal, of all the things Sesshoumaru has despised all his life. She smells like them and not like them, and she is nothing like the youkai, with their swaggering reek of arrogance and violence. Her hands are small, and her eyes are clear, and she sees something in him Sesshoumaru does not understand himself.

Rin smells of many things, but she has never smelled of fear.


November 2004