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bleach - direction

"So where are you going now?"

Zabimaru's question is a sibilant whisper in his ear as he leans against the wall to stare through the bars of the cell

Who is he fighting? Where is he going?

Renji doesn't ask himself questions like this. He's not the kind to read poetry, or think about questions with no answers. What the hell do they matter, in the end? He lives, he fights, what more can there be?

So much more.

And now he stands here with too many questions and only one answer. It's not an answer he wants to see. But it's there anyway.


Because in the end, all his damned roads have come back to her, haven't they? All his damned roads. He let her go, he watched her walk away, and everything was nothing but a detour back to a dead girl staring at the stars.

Where are you going?

He steps back and draws Zabimaru, smooth and unbroken again, with a cool whisper.

Where are you going?

Same place he's always been going.



October 2004