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bleach - almost a beginning

For [ profile] milchstrasse


The thing about Rukia is that she's never really fit in. She doesn't even fit her own bones right, small and frail and birdlike as they are, with guts of brimstone and nerves of steel to not match. She's always been a little too strange, a little too cold, too weak, too flawed, too perfect.

She didn't fit in Rukongai; she burned too brightly there. She didn't fit in the Kuchikis either, too mortal for their inhuman perfection. She made her masks - and they were almost the real thing, but never quite good enough.

(Kaien never cared that she didn't have a place where she fit - he dragged her along and found her one anyway. And Renji - Renji never quite fit either, but he didn't wear masks, and he made his own place, even one for her.)

The thing about Ichigo is that he's never really fit in either. He's too loud, too silent, too angry, maybe not angry enough. His anger is a mask too, but he's not very good at wearing it yet, so it slips.

It's not like they really fit together all that well. It's not that simple, not that perfect. They can barely fit their own skins, let alone someone else's. But they know they don't fit, and they know they're wearing masks, and they know they try very hard to not care.

It's a space for them to breathe. And maybe, it's almost a beginning.


October 2004